Valentine’s Day

Two weeks ago it was Valentine’s Day, EVERYBODY knows this day as a day for love and couples.                                                                                                                                             tumblr_n0zumyHHZd1shasdvo1_500

Even Google set up their website to have a “special something” for their consumers. Although the day is a day of celebration of young and old lovers, it’s also a day of pessimistic singles, unrequited love, and heartbreaks.tumblr_mjllvqmGuw1s86yovo1_500

There are always two ways of looking things: optimistic or pessimistic. Is the glass half full or is it half empty? I felt that the essay that my class read in class, “Class Dismissed” by Walter Kirn was a great example of this. Although I haven’t graduated nor have I reached senior year yet, but it has always been said by graduates to “enjoy your senior year”. I felt that senior year of high school is highly regarded among graduates as their sacred year of high school. From all the positivism that comes from the mouth of graduates that I have met, it seems as if senior year is nothing but heaven. But the essay “Class Dismissed”, explain in a unique description that shines the pessimistic light on out favorite senior year.tumblr_n0qo5f7UIl1s0u1nao1_500

(I wanted to put this GIF in… DON’T JUDGE ME!!!! *get the reference 😉 ) Pretty much the essay outlines how horrible and unnecessary senior year is, this is shown especially in the opening paragraph (AKA first paragraph) where is says that senior year is “less a climactic academic experience than an occasion for oafish goofing off, chronic truancy, random bullying, sloppy dancing… [with] moody, wan philosophizing… while still half-drunk”. I thought this sentence pretty much downgraded our view of senior year as he is pretty much calling the year as useless, resourceful, and a time for the students to pretty much go loco. It will be pretty much like if I said that Valentine’s Day is horrible because your boyfriend/ girlfriend can possibly dump you, you can’t meet your loved one because he/she don’t live in the same area, or you simply think it’s a waste of money to buy something expensive for your partner as an expression of love when you are supposed to express your love pretty much every day.


Thinking about proposing someone on Valentine’s Day? Guess what? Either you might get rejected or you just landed yourself in a pile of debt! 😀

This video clearly shows that pretty much you’re wasting your money on a priceless stone, show your partner this and ask him/her if he/she still wants to buy/get it. If he/she still does… Well if it was up to me, I’d dump him on the spot! Money management is important! You can’t waste anything on non-necessary items.


Well.. I hope you enjoy my pessimistic blog post! If you like the pessimistic blog post, you can read my other rants I’ve done in the past or you can simply read other.

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