Bucket List :DDDD

– Bungee jumping (like from the highest tower… Like in Macau xD)       bungee-jump-macau-tower-worlds-tallest


– Target Practice   target practice

– Horseback riding

– Climbing a mountain (Already done it but I want to climb a higher one!!! :DDD )

– How to professionally ice skate  photographing-skating-3e

– Ski

– Snowboard

– The Blob      ????

– Traveling all over the world

– Speaking whole bunch of languages

– Eating all kinds of food

– Running in the Walls of China  greatwallmarathon

– Scuba Diving

– Submarine (I’ve been on one but not too deep 😦 )

– Cruise ship

– Stranded on an island for two days  desert-island

– Explore the wildlife (if there is any left -.- )

– Holding a Cub (both Tiger and Bear)     cub2 cub1

– Learning how to write with both hands

– Getting rid of my stage fright once in for all by auditioning somewhere like X-factor

– Riding a Jet Ski 416350-man-riding-jet-ski-with-dog

– Riding Cable Car (I was on it like twice but it was short and crowded.. prefer one w/ see through floor, in Hong Kong) cable car

– Racing a car

– Watching movies for a WHOLE day

– Surfing

– Taming animals  taming

– Explore past buildings (like ancient old ones)

– Rock Climbing

– Rolling down a hill and becoming a big snowball   rolling


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